Myra #24 Dress Viscose blend

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Viscose blend (nickname: fake silk)

As this is a vintage sourced fabric, I don’t know the exact composition. What I do know is that this fabric contains Viscose fibers, mixed with synthetic fibers like polyester. I know, Polyester sounds bad, but it actually does have some good qualities.

Viscose, which is made from wood pulp, feels very comfy and breathes well while wearing it. The downside of viscose is that it wrinkles a lot and may shrink while washing.
So when only a small percentage of polyester is added, it will wrinkle less, will not shrink and the colors of the prints will remain much better while washing. A perfect combo 😊

Wash & care:
Wash <30 degrees, shake while it is still wet and put it on a hanger to dry.

*A small side note:

As the fabrics we used are made out of preloved materials, it may show some imperfections. We believe this is the beauty and charm of up-cycled materials and makes it even more special for you to wear.